Human capital plays a significant role in economic development of every nation and education is one of the means in nurturing and grooming of country’s human resource. Various educational reforms and movements focus on the development of human capital for sustainable development. As highlighted in sustainable development goal 4 the government is responsible to take measures to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all of its citizens. To achieve this goal our national priority by 2030 is to ensure compulsory primary and secondary education of all boys and girls especially out of school children and same is expected by the Article 25-A. Furthermore, the government is also to ensure that substantial portion of adults achieve literacy and numeracy.

Currently about 25 million children of ages 5-16 are out of school and Pakistan ranked 150 out of 189 countries in HDI, worse than even Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. In this scenario it seems almost impossible to achieve the targets through formal means of education. This demands to explore other alternatives to formal system like non-formal education and partnership with other similar service providers. Non-formal basic education is one of these alternatives to address issue of out of school children and adults.

Keeping this scenario in view the Department of Education of the University of Management & Technology alongwith Punjab Literacy and Non-Formal basic education department decided to jointly host 1st International Conference on Research in Education and Leadership in April 2020. The conference shall provide a forum to researchers, scholars, professional, governmental and non-governmental organizations and international agencies to jointly discuss ways and means to improve access and quality of education. This conference will help in creating awareness and need for educational change.

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