3rd International Conference on Research in Educational Leadership (ICOREL 22)

Educational Leadership for Sustainable Development

29- 30 December 2022

In-Person and Online.


Sustainability, the ability of being permanent, is now a days addressed within dimensions of ecology, social life as well as economy. The centrifuge of all these dimensions to stay sustained is education, as the lifelong learning is one of the essential elements for development and growth in all sectors. The leadership, on contrary provides a shared vision for achieving a goal, thus serving as a binding force. The movement of sustainable development took momentum since 2002, when different perspectives including equity and poverty elimination were added into agenda of sustainable development goals. The education on the other hand was also considered as an important factor to achieve target of sustainable development in world summit of UN in Johannesburg in 2002. During this period the term Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) was coined. It was outlined that the Education for sustainable development (ESD) promotes the development of the knowledge, skills, understanding, values, and actions required to create a sustainable world, which ensures environmental protection and conservation, promotes social equity, and encourages economic sustainability. The aim of ESD is to enable people to make decisions and carry out actions to improve quality of life without compromising the planet. It also aims to integrate the values inherent in sustainable development into all aspects and levels of learning.

Scope of the conference

According to UN Decade of Sustainable Development’ UNESCO Nairobi Cluster, 2006, ESD can be embedded into curriculum, teaching pedagogy and assessment, promoting student centered participatory learning to develop critical thinking skills.  The General Assembly has presented 2030 Agenda for sustainable development: transforming our world, with 17 goals and 169 targets. These targets can be achieved through education. The role of educational leaders is very important in transforming education at all levels to achieve long term sustainable development. The conference will provide opportunity to Pakistani professional, academicians, leaders, and scholars to present insight, trends, concerns, challenges, and solutions in the field of education for sustainable development. It will also provide platform to exchange ideas, share experience and generate dialogue on challenges and solutions for achieving sustainable development goals through education. This will lead towards promotion of empirical and theoretical research in the aforementioned field in Pakistan.

Keeping in view, the important role of education and educational leaders in achieving targets of Agenda of SDGs 2030, the Higher Education Commission had issued a directive for all the educational institutions to incorporate SDGs in their teaching learning process. Thus, the conference aims to provide a forum to explore, identify and develop strategies for educational leadership to work on achievement of these goals. The conference will also provide other learning opportunities for postgraduate scholars including workshops, discussion panel, colloquium, and poster presentation.

Objectives of the conference

The objectives of the conference are;

  1. Raising level of awareness for challenges and solutions to sustainable development
  2. To provide an opportunity to educational leaders, researchers, and academicians from round the globe to share ideas, identify issues and discuss solutions for role of education in sustainable development
  3. Bringing together the diversity of experience from across the globe towards cooperation for changed and sustained world.
  4. To open a debate among stakeholders on solutions for sustainable development to transform Pakistani education system through keynote presentations, round tables, and parallel sessions
  5. To facilitate and share research on different SDGs in Pakistan and other countries
  6. To develop a policy brief for education for sustainable development based on research papers presented in the area
  7. To provide opportunity to participants to develop future collaborations at national and international level


The outcomes of the conference would be;

  1. Increased awareness about Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD) among stakeholders
  2. Opportunity for dissemination of personal experiences and successful stories of educational organizations about Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  3. Networking of academia and practitioners to exchange ideas for collaboration in the field of Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD)
  4. Publication of research papers in the UER, Journal of the Department of Education, UMT
  5. Understanding potential threats and opportunities for Sustainable Development
  6. Developing a policy brief for educational institutions to help them in transforming their institutions according to framework of Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD)

Sub- Themes of the conference

The conference invites scholars, researchers and academicians from across the globe to present their research work under the themes of;

  • Gender disparity in education
  • Curriculum for sustainable development
  • Pedagogy for sustainable development
  • Assessment for sustainable development
  • Teacher training for ESD
  • Leadership in the context of ESD 
  • Access to Education
  • Access to quality Education in Early years
  • Inclusive education
  • Affordable technical and vocational education
  • Employability skills and decent jobs
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Increasing literacy and numeracy through education
  • Peace and tolerance through education
  • Development and implementation of safe schools
  • Funding for education for sustainable development
  • Digital divide and social inclusion


The conference will put its best efforts to provide diverse learning opportunities to participants valuing their time, effort, and money. A number of workshops will be carried out before and after the conference by national and international scholars. The proposed workshops are as follows:

Pre-conference workshops

  1. Mix method research design
  2. Data analysis techniques through Smart PLS
  3. Research proposal development
  4. Designing digital learning environment

Post conference workshops

  1. Instructional design for effective teaching
  2. Art and science of formative Assessment
  3. Artificial intelligence for Adaptive learning


Department of Education, University of Management and Technology, Lahore is organizing Third International Conference on Research in Education and Leadership (ICOREL22). The University of Management and Technology has remarkable traditions of excellence in teaching and research. In its Department of Education, more than 50 full time PhD students are pursuing their studies. The department provide opportunities to its students for presenting research at national and international forums. The learning prospects are maximized by organizing workshops, seminars and symposiums. Carrying this legacy, the department is organizing its 3rd international conference addressing the emerging issue of Education for Sustainable Development ( ESD).


We are expecting audience comprised of:

  1. Academicians
  2. School leaders
  3. Faculty teaching at various levels
  4. Researchers
  5. PhD Scholars
  6. Policy makers
  7. Curriculum planners
  8. Technology experts


Important Dates:

Abstract submission deadline 

Note: Abstract acceptance status will be notified within a week after submission. Please submit your abstracts at [email protected]

15th November 2022
Registration deadline 10th December 2022
Pre-conference workshops    14 December 2022
Conference date   29-30 December 2022
Post-conference workshops    31 December 2022


Registration Fee
International Presenter  USD 100
International Participant    USD 50
Local presenter/author/co-author Rs 3000
Participants Rs 2000
Participation per workshop  (Local)    Rs. 1500
Participation per workshop  (International)   USD 50


NOTE: The Conference will held face to face


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